Welcome to Tommer Ravid's lab website

Our current research directions are:

  • Function of enzymes of the ubiquitin system
  • The role of ubiquitin in misfolded protein aggregation
  • High throughput studies of degradation signals in yeast
  • The role of molecular chaperones in misfolded protein degradation



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Our research at a glance

  • Site-directed mutagenesis, triggering protein degradation

  • Ubiquitin conjugation in yeast cells

  • Misfolded protein aggregation

  • Model for chaperone-mediated protein degradation

  • The folding status determines a misfolded protein fate

  • Determination of proteolysis by measurements of yeast growth rates

  • Proposed model for the activation of Ubc7 by the RING E3 ligases

  • Mechanism of sequential poly-ubiquitylation by Ubc6 and Ubc7 at the ER membrane

  • Mapping degradation signals using next generation sequencing

  • Quality Control Pathways in aukaryotes

    Quality control pathways in eukaryotes

  • Our current funding

    Current funding resources